About Psychotherapy

My theoretical approach to psychotherapy is Analytical, but in practice I seek to determine a style and manner of working to suit your needs. Generally I work sitting face to face with you. The ongoing sessions will be for 60 minutes, and usually we will meet once a week. If you are coming with your partner, the sessions may be longer, an hour and a half or two hours, and may be less frequent.

An initial appointment is offered as soon as possible after our first contact and may last up to an hour an a half. In that meeting we will discuss the issues that you believe are most important, and assess how we might work together. If we agree to continue, a stratagy will be outlined and a further appointment made. If we do not find that working together seems suitable, we will discuss other options that may be of benefit to you.

Individual Psychotherapy is often entered because of some critical moment or event in a persons life. It may be that in a few sessions a satisfactory position is achieved, and the need for continuing therapy is not important. Sometimes, even though the intitial 'crisis' has been dealt with, other aspects of one's life have come to the surface that deserve further attention, and a decision may be made by you to continue to meet and discuss those matters.

Couple Psychotherapy often begins when a couple find themselves in a situation where their usual problem solving techniques are not working, or difficulties seem overwhelming. Having the opportunity to express issues or difficulties, and to be better able to listen and respect one another, opens the path toward a positive resolution.

As a full time Psychotherapist for many years I have worked with a wide range of issues and concerns.Some issues seem 'common', such as anxiety, stress, fear, depression and relationship matters. Each of these are a part of everyday life. What is special in our meetings will be how you are facing these issues and concerns. However 'common' you may believe your issues to be, your journey to understanding and dealing with them is unique to you, and is what we will focus on.

Also, however 'exceptional' you believe your experiences or concerns may be, we will explore their meaning and evolve methods for dealing with them that are best for you.

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